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Raul Colon is a multi-talented filmmaker with a diverse range of storytelling skills. His distinct style is characterized by its gritty realism, drawing audiences into the action and making his films an immersive experience.

With several critically acclaimed short films under his belt, including "A Cartel Story," "Jen," "The Babysitter," "Room 13," and "Unanonymous ," Raul has proven himself to be a versatile filmmaker, adept at exploring a wide variety of genres.

Recently, Raul had the privilege of had the privilege of directed some of the scene in Michael Madsen's Retrospective: American Badass in Chicago, showcasing his ability to work with high-profile talent and deliver exceptional results.

Raul's work has not gone unnoticed, earning him a nomination for the Prince of Prestige Academy Award for his film "The Evil Image." He also won the Colorado International Film Festival for Best Short Film Directing, further solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the world of independent filmmaking.

Raul Colon Director's Reel

Winner Best Director - Colorado International Film Festival - 2017
Semi-Finalist - Film Egypt Festival - 2017
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Inshort Film Festival - 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New Orleans Film Festival - 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Gbeck Future Film Festival - 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Horror Lust Film Festival - 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION - SXSW Film Festival - 2020
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